Custom Load Box Designs


  • Horse Power (HP) up to 6000 or request a custom amount.

  • HP Range Selections:
            1000 HP increments                               3000 HP increments
            1500 HP increments                                  Custom increments

  • Components may be New, Rebuilt, or Qualified Used (RTO).

  • Electrical Cabinets:
All units that have selectable HP ranges will come with an electrical cabinet.
The size of  the cabinet will depend on the number of components inside
needed to obtain your desired ranges.

                                              Load box can be Portable or Stationary.
                                                       Portable units are mounted on a new 7 x 12 dual axle (tandem) trailer.
                                                       Most units have welded steel bracing underneath for forklift use.
                                                       All units have steel skids and lifting eyes for ease of placement.

                                                                All units have a 40’ retractable reel to connect to the locomotive 74VDC
                                              power knife switch.

                                               Lockable Steel Cabinet for Leads:
                                                       A lockable metal ‘job box’ is optional to protect your expensive leads that
                                                       connect your locomotive to the load box.  This option will pay for itself if only
                                                       one lead is lost or stolen.

New Switches, Electrical Cabinets, Leads, Job Boxes, and Wiring are standard unless a special request is made.

Painting after fabrication is standard.  Custom, special decals, or multiple colors are optional.

Customer supplied material will result in a credit to your quotation.  There will be a charge to qualify customer supplied  
material and the customer will be responsible for freight / shipping charges unless special arrangements are made.  If
customer supplied material does not qualify, the customer will be given the option to re-supply the material or have
JLLW supply the material.

Any item that is not new or rebuilt (I.E. Used equipment, customer supplied equipment, or qualified RTO equipment) has
no warranty unless our supplier gives us a warranty.  In most cases used / RTO equipment never has a warranty longer
than 30 days.

Our workmanship (I.E. Fabrication work, wiring, mounting of equipment, and painting) is warranted for one year.  New
and rebuilt material will carry the respective vendor warranty.  New material typically carries a six month to one year
warranty.  Rebuilt material typically carries a three to six month warranty depending on the vendor.

Trailers used for portable units are subject to all State, Municipal, and Government taxes, title fees, licensing, etc.  The
customer is responsible for all fees associated with properly licensing of the trailer.